Thursday, May 03, 2018

Freitag, Tokyo

Prior to the trip, the BFF and I were just randomly chatting, and we were sussing out what each other might want to shop for. Time is limited, considering most of it is spent in the office. Wandering around the malls aimlessly isn't our style. We gotta make a list of intended places to stop by, and see if our separate wants match. She has this crazy long list of cosmetics and toiletries to buy. I literally have three items- eyedrops, body lotion and lip balm. LOL. And the one other item we both wanted, is something from Freitag! The time-stamps of the text messages were hilarious. We knew instantly the one shop we both wanted to go to. Hahaha.

I'm keen to check out Freitag because the label isn't present in Singapore, and buying it online doesn't necessarily make sense sometimes. Some say Freitag is just expensive hipster shit; recycled materials shouldn’t cost this much. But whatever it is, I love my Freitag shit. The designs work for me, and the stitching has stood up to rough use. I like it as much as Tembeabookhou and the sorts. It doesn't break the bank, and it stands up to rain, dust and rough use. It's about one's preferred look right? I’m all for Freitag.

The BFF indulged me and pointed me to the nearest Freitag store in Shibuya. She was gonna go to the one in Ginza. Haha. Sure, I like the label, but I wasn't going to pop into TWO stores. I'm also trying to avoid the entire Ginza area, and I've been very successful so far. I'll settle for whatever I want at one store. If I don't see something fun, then I simply won't buy any. Not a big deal.

Did I see something cool? Of course I did. Oof. 😉

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