Thursday, May 17, 2018

Two Men Bagel House

G had been seeking out good bagels for a while. I had to grab her out for lunch at Two Men Bagel House. The eatery currently trots out really decent bagels- good bite, texture and flavors. The standards haven’t dropped with the opening of a second outlet. Definitely one of the better-tasting bagels in town.

After the requisite cheerful morning cup of caffeine at Nylon, we strolled over to Two Men Bagel House at its original ICON (Tanjong Pagar) outlet. Of course it’s still packed at lunch. Those available seats are perfunctory and practical, and on week days, they’re totally not conducive to lingering over a bagel. Get ‘em to go, or stalk seats and eat quickly. We got them seats all right though. The weekend crowd thinned out after a while.

G went for the classic lox on a garlic bagel. I went for a mushroom and cheese, on a garlic bagel as well. Almost chose the onion bagel; next time then. Needless to say, I asked for an additional side of hash browns too. Ha! It’s very hard for me to resist the crunch of this processed-potato. Bagels are sizeable; on non-hungry days, the portion is a little too much for me, and I could only do half. Today we shared our halves to change up the flavors, it was a totally satisfying lunch.


jo said...

I like that shot with the flowers best. HEEHEEHEE.

imp said...

YAH> I cannot believe you moved the little jar. And the nice lady across aided you some more.