Friday, June 01, 2018

Good Tenants Are Hard To Come By

I suppose it's a lucky sort of thing when one somehow randomly found good tenants in B and S who moved in to the rental unit and looked after the flat for almost a decade, making it their home. The usual wear and tear aside, the lovely couple have kept it clean and neat. Each time their work trips coincide or when they pop out for a vacation, I go over to feed and walk their dogs; and never fail to marvel at how everything in the flat is in apple-pie order.

It was with a whole lot of wistfulness when they announced they might be leaving Singapore for good, and would not renew the lease. I sat on that information and didn't immediately look for new tenants. (Yes, I do all these myself, including drafting a seriously detailed and scary lease agreement.) Weeks passed, I was mad-busy and shoved it low on the priority list and suddenly......hurrah! I felt an actual spark of happiness when they sent news that they would be staying on in the city after all, and requested for a lease renewal. I wasn’t entirely joking when I asked if they would like to buy the flat instead. Hurhurhur.

When B and S signed the lease hiatus and renewal, and sorted out monies, they left for a looooong vacation; I took the opportunity to spruce up the flat. I would have done that anyway if I had to look for new tenants. But now, with the renewal, it didn't feel like a chore sorting out the flat; it felt fun, and there was more enthusiasm about making it 'nicer', going slightly beyond the basics. Of course I told them about it so that they could store away valuables, delicate and precious items and such. They sent the dogs to a trusted pet hotel, and I collected them later when the flat's been aired out all safe from hazardous fumes and dust.

I wasn't going to touch their furniture. They've accumulated loads of beautiful sentimental and practical pieces. Sorted out a new coat of paint, got in a new compressor for two temperamental air-conditioning units, checked plumbing and all that, as well as swopped out the old crickety electrical appliances for new ones (that were on a fantastic discount), and gave the place a thorough cleaning. There, all ready to welcome them back.

First, there's trust and respect in how both parties would honor the lease agreement and its terms. We work on the principle of common sense and reasonable-ness for whatever else skirting these clauses in the agreement. As time passed, we understood how one another tick. Slowly, a rather solid friendship is built. Well, the relationship feels and works like that of good neighbors, except that our flats are located in different estates that aren't next to each other. Haha! As long as B and S make Singapore their home, and there isn't any sort of en bloc nonsense, I hope they never move out of this flat. :P 

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