Saturday, July 07, 2018

Dim Sum at Victor's Kitchen

D had a craving for salted egg yolk custard buns (黄金流沙包) and cheap dim sum. Off we went to lunch at Victor's Kitchen at Sunshine Plaza, Bencoolen Street. We've never bothered going to its other outlet. Everyone has their preferences for these custard buns, and the eatery mostly does theirs slightly salty rather than lean over to the sweet side. It was a week day, and there were plenty of seats even at peak hour. Wheewww. I'll never bother queuing for a table at this eatery. It's good, but not worth 35 minutes in the queue on weekends.

The menu is super limited, but I have plenty of food options. I don't care about the usual siew mai (pork dumplings) and har gau (prawn dumplings). I have no idea why the eatery calls it Wala Wala porridge (荔湾艇仔粥) when it's really mimicking Hong Kong's sampan congee. Of all the times I've ordered it, each S$4.80 bowl has tasted different. Zzzzz. This applies to all four types of porridge on its menu. The salt level fluctuates; the soup stock is seriously lacking. The one thing that is super annoying—they could never get the consistency of the porridge to the smooth level of proper chok. I always feel like going to the kitchen to hammer the cook on the head. 🙄 Unless the kitchen specifically wants this texture which is effectively broken rice grains in hot water. It might as well be gruel.

I go there for the char siew cheong fun (BBQ pork rice rolls, 叉烧肠粉) and the steamed carrot cake (XO酱干贝腊味蒸萝卜糕). When I'm in the mood for it, the iced milk tea is oddly good. The cheong fun is smooth and thin, and quite gorgeous. Just ditch the char siew within because it isn't worth the effort of chewing. Hurhurhur. The S$4.80 steamed carrot cake is more consistent in its texture and body. I like it that the XO sauces are served at the side instead of being meshed in. The steamed carrot cake more or less comes like this each time I pop in- dependably soft, not overly salty and fairly delicious.

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