Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Ship Restaurant's Fish Soup

It has been years since I stepped into The Ship at Shaw Centre. Dunno why I don't come here more often. My own blog post informed me that I last visited in 2011! The restaurant has undergone renovation because the building was refurbished two years ago, and the restaurant now has a branch in Serangoon's NEX shopping mall. Popped in for lunch on a crowded afternoon. They might have refreshed the decor, I couldn't recall much, but it felt just as kitschy. Hurhurhurhur.

All I wanted was the restaurant's famous sliced fish soup with thick beehoon. You could have milk added to the soup. I opted for the clear soup version. It came as a 'set lunch' with dessert (either a cheesecake or an ice-cream) and coffee. Ordered a salad to go along with the meal too. Skipped the dessert but needed the coffee. We were pleased that the coffee came as thickly brewed kopi-o-kosong and not Americano. Hurhurhur.

Too many bowls of excellent fish soup have been consumed at non-air-conditioned blistering hot food centers in downtown CBD till this particular bowl was worth lingering over because we were seated in such comfortable surroundings. What more when lunching with great company. Wheeeeee. The Ship's fish soup was still pretty good! The pieces of fried fish (snakehead) were just as delicious as I remembered. Yummy comfort food.

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