Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A Beautiful Lunch Table

I was soooo happy to be able to make Fri-YAY Fri-Date with Y and Missy. It was a school day and while we could sit at a cafe, it wouldn't be as comfortable in terms of ambience and timing. It would be the best for me to shamelessly ask Y to whip up lunch for me and Missy. I literally did that, and simply turned up. HAHAHAHA.

I was stunned when I stepped into Y's home. She made a birthday lunch for me! She laid out the table so beautifully. All the little touches. OH MY. That made me feel so loved! A party at home is really the best since we could make noise and hang out without being kicked out of any venue. 😃

I was given an entire induction into the world of Nintendo Switch. Very brainless and fun games. Goodness. It really induces you to sit there for hours playing with the television screen! It is something to do, but I didn't want to sit there for too long. This is why I cannot have video games or computer games at home. They're time vampires and I have an insane need to unlock the games' algorithm and not just win, but clearing the final levels. :P

Y knows the size of all our stomachs. A hearty salad of kale, prawns, mango and eggs was so satisfying on this hot day. Homemade dressing of lime, olive oil, pepper and salt. Loved it. A light meal was perfect for us three. It was accompanied by a gorgeous glass of chilled watermelon juice and fruits.

Y had considered making carbs, but I told her not to. I wouldn't be having much unless she wanted them and was meal-planning. The long loaf of ciabatta I brought over would do. I had it cut into half so that we could take out half first. We knew Missy would finish off most of the bread. Hahahah. An active growing girl needs her carbs. Y also sent me home with a homebaked loaf of the most gorgeous fig bread. Wow. This loaf sorted out my breakfast for the week.

I've been so blessed by this friendship, first with Y, then her husband, and of course Missy, whom I always have the most hilarious conversations with. They're such good people and have brought so much joy to my life too, and taught me how to appreciate humans and relationships in the best of ways.

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