Tuesday, October 08, 2019

The FIL's Birthday Brunch at Basilico

Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, there was a window for a birthday brunch for the man's dad. We've gotten lazy, and since Basilico at Regent Hotel still offers one of the best buffets around on Sundays, we took the parentals there.

There were plenty of choices for the parentals at the soup, salads and bread section. Foie gras and such were on their list too, since they aren't supposed take so much of it, they literally only take that while on vacation or at this buffet. They liked the chilled seafood, and they said the crab that afternoon was good, much better than the lobster. I took their word for it; had to avoid shellfish totally for the day.

The problem with buffets- my stomach can't eat that much and I'm really not interested in eating many items. Two plates of food are more than enough for me. One starter and one main. The good thing about this buffet- The Cheese Room. Many choices of cheese and bread, and really delicious tomatoes. Piled my plate full of cheese, and a rock melon. Didn't mind one slice of ham. Went looking for more carbs. Ditched the roast beef. Took one lamb chop and a little bit of linguine with pork ragout. There was a rather nice baked sole fish that was trotted out piping hot when I walked by the counter. Took a chunk of meat too.

We didn't bother with a birthday cake this year either, since everyone's supposed to cut down on sugar. A whole cake is quite tough to finish, and it gets jelak in the attempt to finish it within a week. This buffet would have plenty of choices for little bites. I succumbed and had the prosecco. Somehow, prosecco at brunch always tastes so crisp. As dessert, two easy glasses of chianti rounded up luncheon.

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