Tuesday, February 16, 2021


When the man asked me what I would like for my birthday meal (which doesn't have to be celebrated on the 9th itself), I picked Kamoshita (カモシタ、三好シェフそして貝山シェフの店). The food that appeals most is comfort food at a casual restaurant. Of course I would have to stop by Kamoshita for a cup of good sake and to get my fix of sea bream claypot rice! The restaurant offers boutique and really good sake. Picked a bottle from Saiya Shuzoten (齋彌酒造店). This sake brewery in Ishiwaki, Akita Prefecture is likely my all-time favorite. I love all their expressions.

We ordered in moderation this time. Over-eating is just not ideal for our stomachs! I just wanted the restaurant's homemade cold tofu with nori no tsukudani (海苔の佃煮), and a sweet cold Momotaro tomato. Stayed away from oden except for a slice of daikon that the man really loves. He went for the karaage too. He excitedly talked about food in the episodes he watched of 'Izakaya Bottakuri' 『居酒屋ぼったくり』. Hahaha. I haven't watched it on Netflix, but I've read the manga. 

I gave all stomach space to the carbs in the sea bream claypot rice (tai-meshi, 鯛めし). And we still had leftovers in a box to take home. Oof. The iteration of this rice was still gorgeous, but a tad saltier, and the kitchen neatened up the presentation with finely chopped spring onions and coriander. Hurhurhur. The rice grains and fish were still fine and perfectly cooked. Savored every bit, and poured in dashi at the end to turn it into chazuke. No dessert was needed. We still had sake left to finish up as a lovely end to the meal. 

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