Thursday, February 18, 2021


I had the strangest craving for grilled chicken hearts, to eat each bite with a mouthful of steamed Japanese rice. Satisfied my craving at Orihara Shoten. They share the kitchen with Toritama. I always prefer to sit outdoors because it's less stinky that way. Cool enough too.

To be honest, the quality of the meat is fabulous. But the grilling and marinade would be entirely dependent on who's your chef that night. You wouldn't know. I've had yakitori that were way too salty or drowned (literally dripping with sauce). On other nights, it's as dependable as I expected. Tonight was a good night. LOL

Since I already popped an antihistamine, I also took a few pieces of chicken thigh. Just for a bit of meat, in case the stomach protested at too much offal. The man does like chicken when it's done right. So he went to town with the yakitori. Gizzards, liver, breast, cockscomb, et cetera. He also went for broke and ordered a bowl of oden and a oyakudon. Okay lor. I don't mind the soup in the oden. The man really loves a good oyakudon, and it isn't easy to find one that offers a decent dashi and doesn't turn out too sweet. 

I love chicken hearts. I love them whole or half (as maruhatsu, or hatsu on the menu). The man was bemused. He knew that a giant batch of chicken and duck hearts were delivered for Choya, but those were of excellent quality for her to eat raw. That meant we could eat it too. Hahahha. No. I'm not stealing the dog's food, and I don't want to grill hearts at home. Lazy lah. I savored every bite of the meat off the skewer. What a treat! 焼き鳥の心とご飯が美味しい!

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