Saturday, February 20, 2021

Burlamacco Ristorante

Happiness is when the girlfriend already saw my face during the birthday week, and still wanted to buy me lunch after. Hurhurhur. I greedily accepted, of course! Love this girlfriend's wit and insights; her words always keeps me sane, helping me keep my temper in check. Her company is always such a pleasure to soak up. 

Stopped by a quiet Burlamacco Ristorante for a late lunch, and a super decent meal. Didn't want to think very hard — simply chose items from their set lunch offerings. A lunch of mushroom soup and torchetti pasta with smoked pancetta in tomato sauce filled me up nicely. Since this restaurant never offers tap water and makes you pay S$9++ for a 750ml of still or sparkling water, I decided to go with a glass of prosecco, and a cute San Pellegrino sparkling blood orange. I couldn't resist having the latter, especially with loads of ice cubes.

To be honest, having either soup and bread or a pasta would suffice. To have both together was rather filling. Luckily I had two workouts before that- krav maga and pilates, and no big dinner planned, so I arrived at lunch rather hungry. I merrily ate up most of the food. Yayyyyy. It was ideal that the set lunch option of dessert permitted a choice of coffee or tea. That was much appreciated. I don't particularly fancy dessert since I've already gotten plenty of sugar from food and drinks. A shot of decent caffeine was more soothing than another sugar bomb.

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