Tuesday, January 18, 2022

'The Wild Rocket Omakase'

When the new set of dates for 'The Wild Rocket Omakase' was announced, I quickly booked a dinner. I didn't even see what the menu held. I miss Willin Low's iteration of foods at Wild Rocket, so I figured regardless, the menu would work for us. Except for the pesto laksa. That would be the only item that has never worked for me. 

Held at Roketto Izakaya, 'The Wild Rocket Omakase' was an eight-course meal (with two desserts). It began with a mushroom bak kut teh, which was really mushroom tortellini in a little bit of soup. The porcini game was strong. I loved it. This could be a whole meal for me. It was pretty much dumplings, reinvented. HAHAHAH.  Then we had a tartare of Kulbarra barramundi, kishmiri yoghurt and chilli oil on a bed of murruku. Luckily I took an antihistamine, otherwise the prawn soup panna cotta would make me swell up instantly. The aka ebi sashimi and glass noodles sat in a panna cotta of rich prawn stock from the head. There was also a fried prawn leg that I gave to the man. 

Then there was a char kuay tiao and tau yew bak. I loved the char kway teow because it was something I've missed loads! It was the carb-free version that held thinly sliced cuttlefish for the 'kway teow'. They treated the cuttlefish so well that it was tender, and the texture was like al dente kway teow. The tau yew bak used pork belly, of course. The sauce was lovely. It was mole-inspired, and it did have chocolate in there. The base held bits of basmati rice and barley. 

The laksa pesto pasta made an appearance. It's still my most hated dish. I cannot deal with laksa leaves and pesto sauce. Hahahahah. Anyway, it was too many prawns for me, so this portion was passed to the man who merrily chomped it up. He loves this dish. The beef kailan was really beef tongue, kailan and palak sauce topped with brussels sprouts crisp kale. Delicious. A Sanzen junmai daiginjo from Kikuchi rounded off the meal beautifully.

There were two desserts — Pink Dessert and Ondeh Ondeh. I enjoyed the Pink loads because it was lychee sorbet with ginger flowers, elderflower, raspberry crips, amaranth and Calpis gummies. That was delicious. I love sorbet, and I do love desserts like this. The man loved the Ondeh Ondeh which came in the form of gula melaka ice-cream with white chocolate and a bed of fresh desiccated coconut shavings. But that plastic box and rubber though... 

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