Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Box Of Cookies

A colleague was wondering aloud about hotels to stay in on her vacation. So I thought about what she might like, the budget and the purpose of a vacation.

Then I sent her an email with information on some hotels, with a stern reminder to do her research on them before giving them her money. I don't like recommending anything to anyone because chances are, my experiences might not be theirs.

Off she went on her holiday and when she came back, she passed me a box of cookies. "For the hotel recommendation. It was good!" Waaah. My heart nearly dropped. It'd be terrible if it was bad. Still, I only made a suggestion and didn't even get her any discounts. I certainly did nothing remarkable to warrant a gift of cookies.

So sweet of her to do that lah. She's really one of those really earnest, helpful and sweet-natured girls. The cookies are cleverly packed into individual vacuum packs. Light and not sweet, they tasted great and went fantastically with a cup of earl grey. I like those perilla seeds. It's like how I like poppy seeds in my cookies. Now, because of these cookies, I'm extremely interested in perilla seed oil and all its positive properties. Heh.

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