Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Pendant

Back from Prague and Paris, the man brought home lots of stories to share, tales of food, dishonest cab drivers and of a night when it was -20°C. He said that -3°C was considered warm! Riiight. I definitely won't survive beyond -10°C. He also bought (among other things) a silver necklace for me. He grabbed it on the plane off the brochure. I like the selection of DFS items on SQ! There're a couple of good buys in there that I can't pass up each time I fly!

A trinket, he said, to wish me well for my work trip. Yes, I need all the luck, sagacity and a dispassionate aura for the week. I'm not exactly looking forward to this trip. I hope it doesn't turn out to be a big joke.

Very sweet and very nice. BUT. I stared at it. "It's heart-shaped!" I stated accusingly. I'm not fond of hearts, ribbons and frilly things. Anything heart-shaped you see on me is definitely a gift. He was quick and shot back. "Well, I like it! Think of it as an arrowhead!"

Okay. Fine. It's quite pretty. I shan't be ungrateful. I shall wear it for a little while. An arrowhead it is. I hope it would symbolize that I'd be able to solve any problems during the week with focus and clarity.


ice said...

How sweet! (:

kachunknorge said...

U very farney lah...

Dawn said...

Awww :)

Though I warn you about the pearls they sell on board. They're not pearls!

celcilia_tjioe said...

He is quick in browsing for the 'synonym' of the heart! Heart equals to arrow, hahaha.. acceptable lor..

kikare said...

somehow, once you pass that certain threshold (e.g. -5), the figure no longer matters. -10 or -20, it's just cold.
it's -10 outside and 22 indoors. it's 32 degrees of difference in temperature, but strangely it doesn't like that. if it's +10 and +42 then i'm quite the contrast is much much starker.
this is just an observation of mine, on a rather cold snowy sunday. heh

imp said...

ice + kachunknorge: heeee.

dawn: really?! i didn't get them coz they don't look like no pearls!

celcilia: no. he just told me to look at the shape of the arrowhead, not arrow, which works for me.

kikare: oh dear. the complexities of cold and what we really feel. i'll take your expert words on it.

Dawn said...

Imp - yes. My dad got them for me, and they're plastic inside.

Kikare - though I have to say, when you pop outside for a few minutes, it's always even toastier inside!

tuti said...

sweet thought.
nice when any man shops. they can spring surprises. ;)