Monday, February 01, 2010

Living Conditions

Am terribly appreciative of M passing me a pack of disposable toilet seat covers. I'm even more glad that I brought cleaners for the toilet bowl, air fresheners and a decent roll of toilet paper. I can't stand the brown stains on the toilet covers. Luckily I brought my own towels too. I can't tahan the smell and those eeky stains on the towels provided. The room has a glass in the toilet, presumably to hold water while I brush my teeth. I'm not using it. It's got weird stains and stuff stuck to it. Damn gili lor.

I hope my fellow group mates are alright. We're not talking about it, but looking at the size of their suitcases, I know they're mentally prepared and have brought toilet rolls, towels, bottled water, etc.

If this is a camping trip or a sojourn in a third world nation, I'm happy to rough it out. But sadly, it isn't. When we saw the hostel room, we couldn't stop laughing in relief and amusement. Relief- because the room is much better than we imagined. We definitely prepped for the worse. Amusement- because it's shall I put it, juvenile. It feels like we're back in school living on campus, albeit more luxurious as the room comes with an attached shower stall and toilet, no need to slum it in communal bathrooms.

Thank goodness the room isn't fully carpeted. Can you imagine if it is??! Eiooow. Importantly, I'm so grateful for hot water and especially the steady internet connection. (Doesn't mean it aids VPN access to the work inbox.) If there isn't, I'll go out of my mind, truly. I've had fantastic vacations in Malaysia. But when it comes to work trips to this country, each time has been just so, demoralizing.

What I can't deal with is the lack of security on the compound. The push-button lock on the room door is something I can pick with a multi-purpose tool and a hairpin. I just tried picking the lock. I did it in 43 seconds, slow by any standards. That is NOT a good sign.

I'm highly paranoid. Therefore, I've pushed a cabinet against the door. If I don't do this, I will not be able to sleep. I'll be alert for any kind of noise at the door. I shall barricade the door in the same fashion every night this week.


tuti said...

ah yo, quite a workout pushing that cabinet every night. better than cannot sleep i guess. take care!

celcilia_tjioe said...

I ever experienced this when having holiday in Genting. Got someone rang our door bell at odd hour, when we peeked through the door peephole, we found nothing. Eerie wat?
We ALSO pushed the chair against the door.
Not long after, came the 2nd bell rang, apparently it was a drunk guy who has incorrectly pressed our door bell!! *faint!*

imp said...

tuti: it's rather heavy, but manageable.

celcilia: whew. luckily i don't have doorbells, or a peephole. and since this is a hostel, our group gets the whole level! so any drunken louts will just be us!

h o b o m o b o said...

A hostel? Whatever for? Msia has plenty of cheap hotels what!

Missy P said...

Yup so many clean 3 star hotels in Malaysia no?

imp said...

hobomobo + missyP: very long story. but in a nutshell, we've no choice.