Monday, February 01, 2010

Satay Kajang

Our hosts brought us to dinner at the famous Kajang area for satay (or 'sate' as Malaysia spells it). It was to Sate Kajang Hj Samuri at Damansara Uptown in PJ. If you like satay, you'll definitely enjoy the spread at Hj Samuri. The entire place sells only satay with thick cuts of meat.

We had only chicken and beef satay on the table. There was nothing else to order at the makanplace. It was famous specifically for its satay. I'm the only one in the group who has strange dietary preferences. I've decided not to make my diet known. I'd just shut up, look at whatever that was on the table and pick out what I could eat. In any case, I've tons of muesli bars and cup noodles to see me through the week.

I took a deep breath and ate the first 2 sticks of satay. As for the rest, don't ask how I did it, but it didn't go down my throat. It kinda sat in a mushy mess in a plastic ziplock inside my bag till I got back to the hostel.

What I relished, were the ketupat pulut, bawang (onions, raw) and raw cucumbers. I ordered a whole plate for myself. That went fabulously well with the peanut sauce. Oh that peanut sauce is awesome. We were told to add sambal into it. The sambal was really really good. I initially added only a dollop as I wasn't sure of the degree of spiciness. Sweet and spicy, it was damn tasty. I daringly scooped a huge spoonful to go with the vegetables.

I bet you that I will lose even more weight after this week in KL.


tuti said...

thank goodness you could stomach the rest of the items. :(

imp said...

tuti: i brought bread, jam and food supplies. i'll be fine.

=eLaiNe= said...

i love the peanut sauce of satays, especially when mix with some sambal! yummy! =)

mochalatte said...

im v glad i dun need to stomach meats & added carbs even lunch in office if not i'll end up like the enemy beside me *evil laughs*

imp said...

elaine: very nice indeed.

mochalatte: good for ya!