Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Original Kluang Station Coffee

We've all see the fancy coffee joints named Kluang Station Coffee. So we've to take it that it came from Kluang. For us, we went all the way from bustling Kuala Lumpur to sleepy Kluang to verify that. We got there just in time to try the original Kluang station coffee before it closed for the day at 6pm.

No air-conditioning of course. The kopitiam is, obviously, situated next to the Kluang railway station. Rustic and very charming, the late afternoon tea made for a good break away from the lengthening rays of the setting sun. It's been a hot hot hot day.

I'm not fond of kopitiam coffee because of its acidity and sour aftertaste. So I decided that a kopi-siu-dai was in order. I can't come here and not drink its famous coffee right? Okay, effectively, kopi-siu-dai brings it out the best flavors and hopefully it would not be too acidic. It was pretty nice! Still too sweet though. Some of the groupmates zoomed off to buy packets of this famous Kluang coffee powder.

There was food too. There were kaya butter toast, mee hoon goreng and nasi lemak. That sambal in the tiny packet of nasi lemak packed a punch! I loved it so much that I tapau-ed another 2 small packs back to the hostel. That settled dinner. Heh.


celcilia_tjioe said...

That tiny packet of nasi lemak is called 'nasi perang' here. It was said that tis nasi was consumed during the war (perang in bahasa).
So it may equals to 'war rice'. hehe..
Btw, I like the way you blog. U never post any back dated entry.

ame said...

sighs. i am craving a kopi this morning but no one around to have it with meeeeeeeee.

imp said...

celcilia: oooh! something new i learnt about nasi perang then! heee. if i post it back-dated, i ain't telling! :D but i try to keep current.

ame: REALLY?!! awwwww.