Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Slightly Better In Kluang

This hostel in Kluang has decidedly better front door locks than the one in Kuala Lumpur. At least it uses a passkey instead of a physical key and a push button lock.

This hostel is rather charming. It looks more like a resort set in the middle of idyllic plantations and fields. The rooms are better equipped than KL's. Cleaner too. However, while the rest of the group pried out yellow flesh from really really pungent durians, I scrambled to change a room because I realized the balcony doors don't really lock.

Now, you know I'm paranoid about security right? So I didn't just test the locks of the sliding doors to the balcony. I needed to be 101% sure that the doors lock properly. So I pushed and pried them apart while they were supposed to be locked. To my horror, the doors opened. Fuck. I gathered my stuff and asked for a change of room.

When I travel alone, I sleep with a torchlight and the multi-tool next to me. It makes me feel better. On this trip, with security this lax, I don't just barricade myself in, I can't sleep. My sleep has been fitful. I slept best in the coach on the way to Kluang. When I get back to KL tomorrow night, I might just take up the girlfriend's suggestion to stay over at her place for the rest of the week and have her driver send me back to the hostel early in the mornings. Just like last year.


tuti said...

argh, read the cockroach story at the other link. poor gal. hope no big roaches this time. better still, go stay with your gf. take care. stay safe.

tuti said...

and.. the teddies are really cute. comforting.

Anonymous said...

i still remember your cockroach story. eek. in comparison, this time seems so very slightly better. hang in there girl! it'll be over and you'll be home soon.
by the way, i love your little heart necklace. i'm a sucker for heart shapes. heh! and oh, the first i do on a plane after fastening the seat belt is to check out what's new in the kris shop mag too. hee.

mochalatte said...

instead of hotels im not secure wif my own house..have been paranoid enuff to check 2-3 times before i left home... :/

Belinda Lee said...

OMG! This reminds me of when we first started travelling together...Francis secretly thought I was a nut case. I'd drag the dresser stool, bedside table, lamp stand....anything to 'secure' the hotel room doors...once in LA I dragged one of the 2 single beds because it was one of those Quality Inn places & I was certain weirdos had nothing better to do but break and enter...our room :D

Anonymous said...

oh ya i suck big time searching high & low for hidden pinhole cameras if i stay in hotels..

ivan said...

Why multi-tool? I guess it makes sense in a way that you can open a can for a snack while fixing a car and fending off marauding wolves...

imp said...

tuti: he's cute and protects me!

d: ugh. don't remind me. still very fresh in my memory.

mochlatte: ah? one must feel safe in one's own home!

belindalee: i'm with you on this!!

anon@10.27am: the thought of pinhole cameras always cross my mind.

ivan: i might need it for all sorts of purposes! or as a weapon. :p