Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Morning Stroll

Since I couldn't sleep, I got up at 4 and left the room. Staying in would make me more morose and drive me crazy with silly thoughts. Dressed snugly in a tracksuit and walking shoes, I headed for the little pavillion in a corner cloaked in darkness, but within screaming distance near the dining hall where it was rather brightly lit. There was a hive of activity where women were busy preparing the morning meal.

Point of this little jaunt- to stretch the muscles and warm up the stiff body before hopping into a what I know to be a damn cold shower.

The heater in the room doesn't work. Comments last night by colleagues made us realize that there is no hot water in many of the rooms. That didn't matter last night when we came in all hot and sweaty from the day's grime. But in the morning, a cold shower would suck, big time.

JumpingCricketsPapayaWatermelonBrokenBoots. That water froze my tits and ass off! Last night's shower lasted 9 minutes. This morning, I took all of 4 minutes under the bracingly cold blast. Shower pressure was good though!

Now, I need to go get some Kluang coffee into the body. That should last for a while before I fall asleep for the ride back to KL tonight.


JoMel said...

Babe!!! I have not been here for the longest time, it seems! You have been to KL, Kluang and back? How's it been so far apart from the lack of comfort in accommodation? Hope the remaining trip will be good and fruitful. So sorry we can't catch up this time but I'm sure there be opportunities in future. Keep well and safe now. Call me if you need help ok? :)

imp said...

jomel: i'm sure there'll be another time to catch ya! the human aspect has been quite awesome.