Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Finding That Silver Lining

As tired as I was, I couldn't just sleep all the way from Kluang to KL. The scenery along the North-South Highway is quite breathtaking. I must take in some of it.

There were cemetries of all sorts next to the highway. Undulating hills, palm oil plantations, etc. Plenty of green and such vast horizons as far as the eye could see.

The ipod's battery life lasted the trips up and down KL, or as some friends put it- enough to run a marathon. The songs kept me upbeat along the way. Jiving in the seat was a good way of keeping the backaches at bay.

I sat right at the front of the coach. I dislike driving and have no intention to get a Class 3. However, watching the road whizz by as we sped down the highway made me feel like driving with the radio volume turned to the max. Heh. If I live in any other country, I'd definitely need to get a car to drive around.

Not everything on this trip is a downer. There're plenty of bright sparks as well. As disillusioned as I feel about the programme this week, I'm very glad for the company of the fellow colleagues. They kept up good spirits; there's always a joker to cue 'chillpill' and plenty of jibes. It's quite amazing how affable the bond is among the Singaporeans this time round. It helps that we're all on the same page and laugh along the same frequency.

The best memories of this trip are definitely gathered over teh tarik, nasi lemak and rowdy laughter over at meal table.


tuti said...

rustic charms of malaysia and good colleagues helps soothe the work trip. thank goodness actually.

imp said...

tuti: very true!