Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Garden Party

There're weddings I dislike and won't attend. Then, there're those invitations I say yes to almost immediately. This is one of those.

It's very nice to head out of town on the weekend and into a green belt. I love the easy vibes at the friends' wedding lunch at Mimolette. A party, they say, and a party the guests made. The sauvignon blanc is gorgeous- so good till all of us drank it and none of us knew what it is or where it's from.

The bride and groom had plenty of opportunity to mingle with everyone and chat. Everyone knew one another. We've all hung out at some point, and many, regularly. Those colors on the bride's sari are so beautiful! I love the jewel hues, beads, detailing and most of all, how radiant she looked.

Thanks for having us at your party. We love it. Such fun the celebrations were. Congratulations S & G!


sinlady said...

that restaurant has a pretty setting for wedding party :) love the sari!

Anonymous said...

is that you or your friend in the sari? it's gorgeous! the blue bangle goes so well with the look too! i love it!

tuti said...

nice and cozy numbers keep the party intimate and meaningful. :)

imp said...

sinlady: very laidback. be fully prepared for the onslaught of humidity though.

d: that's the bride in her finery!

tuti: i think there were about 150pax in there. maybe a little more even.