Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Talking About Meixco

I spoke at length to a guest who's a long way from home. He's from Mexico. He showed us photos of Mexican cities, vacation spots and his hometown. I remembered. "The mee-shee-ka", I uttered softly. He heard, "Yes! You know?"

Yes, I know. Somehow, all that I saw and read last month at the British Museum on 'Moctezuma: Aztec Ruler' (exhibition ends 24 Jan'10), came rushing back. I probably memorized the entire exhibition and am still not quite sure of why and how the subconscious mind did that. I had done alot of extensive reading back in school about the history of the country and recently focused alot more on the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire; the short and painful history of colonialism. The Nahuatl language enchants me. The differences between their scripts and codex as compared to the Egyptian scrolls are most compelling. Mexico is one place I'd love to visit.

It's a little surreal that I only know the ancient cities- names, existence, culture and locations, but not much of their current incarnations. I can visualize these cities on the old maps, but know nothing of today's vibrant cities and the Yucatan Peninsula that is also host to Los Cabos.

He has an interest in architecture. I'm not really sure how, but we spoke of how the churches have been built on ancient bases of temples now destroyed in the various cities, starting with Tenochtitlan, today's Mexico City.

See, museums are wonderful and they impart practical knowledge. Museums and their curated exhibitions provide us a link to the world and its citizens through another perspective. We didn't go into the politics of history. We centred on the rich leftovers and the charms of today's spots in each city. I saw a fraction of Mexico through his eyes and the life with his family.

Ookay, cheap thrill, but it brightened the work day.


ivan said...

RE: Strawberry Shortcake

I think you disabled commentary just as I was adding one. Since I've already written it, here's my contribution:

"It's the strawberry shortcake to end all strawberry shortcakes and I would have no other. With it's cheese cream reminiscent of the heady kiss of angels, and the perfect balance of flavors flitting across the palate, this is the strawberry shortcake to which other strawberry shortcakes are mere cupcakes."

tuti said...

you are very chim (deep) dear imp, with a chim photographic memory to boot, from your uni years till now, you can retain so much words still.

Dawn said...

I would love to go to Mexico sometime - though not Juarez maybe :)

imp said...

ivan: sorry dude! and thanks for this comment! it's a little poetry of the cake! how lovely!

tuti: ah? no lah. only because the info is fresh in my mind frm Dec's trip and the extra readings!

dawn: you're nearer to the country, must go!

The Oriental Queen said...

i've been thinking about going to mexico for a holiday and then ur post came up.
the beachesand resorts look amazing!

Belinda Lee said...

Since you're on the topic of foreign places thought I'd let you know your postcard from London just reached me ;p So nice to receive greetings when the festivities have died down. Thank you so much.

imp said...

orientalQ: the beaches r gorgeous! go!

belinda: oh finally! they seem to arrive in dribs and drabs. current count for arrival of postcards is 1 out of 2. :)