Thursday, January 28, 2010

When We Travel

I'm absolutely thrilled that the man is away on a work trip. The past 2 weeks have been crazy for me. I'm so glad that I don't have to worry about neglecting him as I need to be really focused in the office. That said, I don't enjoy having to babysit his mega farm and sci-fi cafe on fb in the nights, tending to the crops and serving silly Martian brains. They're so annoying.

When the man and I travel on our separate work trips, we send a maximum of 2 texts a day to each other. We don't call each other to chat either. If need be (to check social schedules or buy tickets to concerts, etc), we'll skype and email. But it's really not necessary. I don't like being 'distracted' on work trips. I prefer to just muddle about doing my stuff. I'm so thankful that the man isn't the needy or possessive sort. When we first started dating, we didn't talk much on phone to each other. We've always preferred online chats, emails or face-to-face meet-ups.

When the man is away, I enjoy the solitude. I think he's quite happy to be off without having to fetch and carry for me. Haha. Work trips are time-outs for us. It allows us to recharge, re-focus and meet each other on a new level, fresher and well, nicer.

Well, I do miss having him around to turn on the heater before I wake so that when I eventually do, the shower will be steaming hot. (He wakes up early to do all sorts of nonsense on the guitars and emails.) Now, I've to do it myself before going back to nap for that extra 15 minutes. Quite disruptive. :p Speaking of which, I forgot to get his flight details for this trip. Oops.


tuti said...

not being needy is good.
shows enough self esteem.
i can be very needy at times. bad bad bad.

kikare said...

doesn't he have access on his work trip? can still tend the farm and cafe. why need your help?

ice said...

Nice to have some 'me' time.

sinlady said...

time/space away from each other is so necessary but i can never convince anybody of that:) and work reasons go down better than "i need time away from you".

mochalatte said...

its true to be self-reliable n independent..but sumtimes i feel uncomfy wen my partner goes on wrk bad.. :x

imp said...

tuti: cannot lah. neediness turns into depression. tell yourself you're strong!

kikare: he's too busy to tend to them when he's away. too many engagements both in the day and the evenings. it's more hectic during work trips than at home.

ice: always!

sinlady: hahaha. in sgp, we always say it's 'me-time' tonight and run off on our own!

mochalatte: for me, i'm sure he can handle whatever on his own. even if there's death, we'll just deal with it. so long all papers, insurance and wills are in order, we travel with an ease of mind.

yAnn said...

I think it's hilarious that you are tending to his farm on fb!! But I agree, it's nice to have some me time. Makes you enjoy the company of your partner more after that timeout.

wildgoose said...

I think it's also recognising when you need the time out that's so important. It's nice that you and the man have such a good understanding with each other.

imp said...

yann: ah well. i could let the crops wither. but they're quite pretty. :) by now, i realize that i do miss the partner at about the 3-week mark. Hee.

wildgoose: always!