Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Write

I was understandably annoyed when my counterpart didn't see it fit to inform me of an important piece of information in this project. I saw it brew and pointed it out. The emails went unanswered.

When I saw the updates today which confirmed my earlier thoughts, I hit the roof because it meant that my office would have to pay cancellation charges. How can my counterpart be so laissez-faire about it? This niggly thing, obviously isn't a problem to them at all. Let me put it this way- it definitely didn't occur to them that it might just inconvenience us, period.

I was pissed. If they could have done their checks earlier, it would have saved ME a whole lot of trouble. Why the hell should I have to grovel to my supplier to waive cancellation charges when it's just a job and not a goddamn life and death thing. Oh, I forgot it's because I feel too damn responsible and committed to see this project through till I'll do what's necessary to smoothen things out.

I wanted to shriek really really loud in the office. I wanted to yell cheebye and let loose a string of extremely innovative expletives. But I didn't. I just gritted my teeth and said "ARRRGGGH." To the utmost relief of my colleagues, I think.

That's the other thing. I hate it that for work purposes, I've to watch the expenses. I don't even do that for my personal expenditure. My personal spending habits are in such a stark contrast to how I hold the purse strings for work projects.

You know what? It's not my goddamn money I'm losing. I really don't need to feel this pissed. The irony, if the cancellation charges are on my personal expense account, I'd say fark it and let it go. But unfortunately, it's not my money and any sort of expenditure needs to be justified and I need to be able to stand by it. Farkeddy-fark.

At 9pm, I had had enough of an office with no fan and no air-conditioning. I was hungry too. As I turned to leave, I flipped the calendar to today's date. Then I grinned. The caption read, "I've learned to express my anger through my writing instead."

Ahhh. So, I followed that sagely advice. :)


tuti said...

*muffled laughter* cb! hahha. didn't see that coming from you. :D

mochalatte said...

will roll my eyes n mutter 'cb' in the loo if i cannot tahan my colleagues..haha xD

Dawn said...

Poor Impy.

zewt said...

times are tough... cost is always a concern :P

imp said...

tuti: heeee. i is very crude sometimes.

mochalatte: wahahahhaha.

dawn: :( boo to me.

zewt: tell me about it. i look at my revenue targets for next year and i want to curl up and cry.