Thursday, January 21, 2010

When Dinner Isn't About The Food

At Tatsuya, while waiting for the girls to prep our seats, my favorite server asked after my well-being. I smiled and said "I'm okay. It's just been a long day at work." She was like, "Oh dear!" and patted my arm. "I'll arrange your favorite thing." I raised an eyebrow. I don't even know what my favorite thing is.

I was just so glad to be seated and tucking into yummy food at this hour. After the starters, sake and cold ocha, I was back to my usual self instead of being morose.

My favorite girl swung by and gave me a wide smile. "The special is coming up!" When the servers brought it out, I realized she had requested the kitchen to save it for me when she knew the stocks were running low that evening. How thoughtful!

That special dish was a well stewed head of the yellowtail with sweet daikon. It's indeed a favorite thing!


kachunknorge said...

ohhhh, I oso want!!!

ice said...

I also want this as my favorite thing too!

Pebbles said...

This favourite thing looks yummy!

JoMel said...

wow.. it looks so delicious!! :)

zewt said...

you must have been there very frequent... as in, really really frequent.

imp said...

kachunknorge: when you're in town again!

ice: ask them! it's a yellowtail- shld be regularly stocked.

pebbles + jomel: very! they did quite well. apparently it's easy, again. not for me to try at home though!

zewt: heh. yes. :) it's my default dining place. good for 9.30pm dinners.