Saturday, January 23, 2010

A New Pool!

After 2 months of construction hampered by heavy rain and winds, the pool at the girlfriend's house is ready!

This pool is almost like her Dad's baby. His pet project for sure. He spent so much time and effort supervising the works. We spent minutes giggling (marvelling) at how into it the Dad is. If he wasn't travelling so much and could spare some time, he would have moved the stones and tiles himself! He swims lah, so of course he'll want to make sure everything's well built. So now that it's finally completed, I must say it's a beautiful lap pool!

I don't fancy pools which are just round or peanut-shaped and sit pretty. Absolutely useless. As one who swims, my eyes lit up when I saw the completed pool. There was this really strong urge to plunge into the pool straightaway for a few laps. This is a proper swim pool!

Its depth is 1.3m evenly across. Perfect. I'm terrified of pools with depths that make the water level taller than I. There's this fear of drowning that's perpetually existent. Being a weak swimmer, I need to be psychologically assured that I can stand up in a pool before I will step in.


tuti said...

nice private pool.
so serene too.
obvious good taste there.

imp said...

tuti: :)