Saturday, January 23, 2010

Prata Party!

The girlfriend wanted to throw a Prata Party! Yes! It's been too long since the last one! The thought of the Prata Party got me through the long week. I was so looking forward to it. When we got there, the prata man was just setting up shop in the garden. I was just lurking around and feeling very impatient to sink my teeth into a piping hot prata! Luckily we had the totally addictive Cheetos as appetizers to get us through the wait.

The prata man was really experienced. I was rather tempted to ask him if I could flip my own prata. On second thoughts, I decided against it. I might just make a mess out of it. So I simply watched in fascination as he expertly kneaded and flipped the dough.

While everyone pigged out on the prata telur, prata with cheese and mushrooms, prata with chocolate sauce and banana, prata caramel and watnots, I overdosed on my 2 prata kosong and 2 prata bawang. I haven't had prata for a long while. Had to eat my fill tonight! The pratas were good. Cripsy, soft and without that flour-y taste served straight from the stovetop to my plate. What a treat! The curries that came along were all well cooked, thick, spicy and flavorful.

The girlfriend's father plied us with plenty of Highland Park 30 y.o and lovely wine. Between lime juice, whisky, wine and teh tarik, I had a tough time deciding which to sip from! Heh.

Awwww. Such gracious hospitality at dinner. (Thank you girl!) The evening passed by too fast! I love a good Prata Party.


supercoati said...

Sounds yummy! I want contact for prata man, e-mail me, pretty please?!

imp said...

supercoati: done!

tuti said...

crispy and yummy done on the spot!
only down side; cannot eat too much. too filling. especially after expanded in tummy.

Dawn said...

How could a prata party be complete without you?

Chick said...

ERGH. I want to eat too!

imp said...

tuti: it's very yummy! u can definitely do 3!

dawn: can lah!

chick: when u're next back lor.