Thursday, January 28, 2010

Music At Work

The office has gone quiet. The humans haven't left. There're still some of us furiously typing away at the keyboard.

Lloyd Cole has done soothing magic and now John Mayer's strumming fills the air. I looked at the sound system on the desk and sighed. 2010 promises a lot more late nights at work. Having radio for background music in the day is good. But in the evening, I want real music. Like The Decemberists, Trivium or something.

Putting cds in the player isn't going to work anymore. I refuse to fill the cabinets with cds. I've stopped buying cds and what I have isn't enough! I think I need to lug the ipod docker to the office soon. That giant heavy second generation ipod left in the dark drawers will do great on a docker.

I can't work without music. Earplugs do the job in the day when I want to blast certain bands. But now, it's at Volume 5 and no one's complaining! (yet) Heeeee.


Cavalock said...

oooooh.....that is soooo different from my office <^;^>

kikare said...

Music makes a good company when I work, but only at a distance. I can't do with music playing from the computer. It's like the sound is too close that it distracts me.

But when I read for pleasure, I want music. Through the ear plugs. They help me to shut out the reality perhaps.

Dawn said...

Simian's lab has a dedicated music PC :)

imp said...

cavalock: yah lor! must be all that culture which made me a night bird!

kikare: i never liked music frm the computer. it irritates me. i like it further away on a player. when i read, i don't need music because i get absorbed into the book and that somehow shuts out everything else.

dawn: that's the player indeed! BIG iPod.

tuti said...

ah, now that you've explained it. yes, music from a 'faraway' source is acceptable.
i cannot concentrate if it's coming from nearby.

imp said...

tuti: too near is too piercing for sure.