Sunday, January 17, 2010

Soup At Lunch!

By now, we've all given up fighting with the birthday girl to pay for the meal. We've decided to let her have the thrill of grabbing the bill during this one meal that she gathers everyone for. We could separately, one on one, haul her out for another meal and threaten bodily harm and all sorts of blackmail gestures should she even make a twitch towards her purse.

At LingZhi's vegetarian hotpot outlet for the annual meal with the birthday girl, we went ahead with loading up the table with lots of food. Our selection of the soup base of black truffle, carrot and turnips was pretty flavorful. It was ummm.....very ideal for cooking vegetables and mushrooms. The other half of the pot contained tom yum soup which lent a bite to the pieces of boiled corn. I wolfed down many pieces of corn. I like corn VERY MUCH.

There were the mock meats which I'm not quite hot about. It's just gluten, flour and starch. UGH. As tasty as some are, including this 'chicken nugget' thingy which had good texture, I preferred the gyozas, vegetables, tofu and rojak stuff! The radish/carrot cake was well steamed- I ate a fair bit of that! Although the Tofurkey- something I had in London because I didn't want turkey, tasted pretty alright as a mock meat especially when there was a good gravy/sauce to go along at the side!

Now, I need to think about getting the birthday girl a present. Yah, I know- I'm terrible- I turned up at lunch without a gift in hand. SIGH. She can be SO DIFFICULT to get pressies for. Since she has found the 3 ugliest things sold in Mustafa Centre, I'm quite determined to find a fourth, elsewhere perhaps. We shall see.


tuti said...

3 ugliest thing?
very tongue in cheek, haha!

JoMel said...

Lingzhi! Yes, I had dinner there the last time. Soooo good the food. :)

kikare said...

Ask the girlfriend to move to Sweden. Here she has to bake her own cake and nobody will bother to pretend to treat her to anything! :D

kachunknorge said...

imp: never been to Mustafa... do they really sell ugly things?

kikare: oh, that is *so* like Norway!

Cool Insider said...

I always loved LingZhi for all its healthy and wholesome goodness without the guilt trip of consuming too many carcasses or adding to the carbon crisis. One of my favourite dishes is the tofu with seaweed, as well as the monkey head mushrooms with its meaty goodness.

One day I will become a vegetarian....

imp said...

tuti: heh.

jomel: quite yummy indeed.

kikare: she already does that now. and her pressies are in the form of donations to charities of her choice.

kachunknorge: ONLY when it comes to Singapore souvenirs. you won't believe how many ugly things there are in the Merlion motif.

coolinsider: do it only when you're ready, not just because you believe in a cause. sometimes, it can't sway your tastebuds enough. i can't go vegetarian for now. i can't quite give up sushi and sashimi just yet!