Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Part 1 :: Gigs In January

This is so going to be the year for gigs. I know it. The first month of 2010 is already host to a overwhelming number of gigs. More to come in February and March. Ain't complaining for sure. Loving it. The Singapore indie music gig calendar never had it so good.

It's amazing how during this crazy month of mine, I managed to juggle the long work days and somehow cabbed it down to Esplanade in time for the gigs. Importantly, I get to catch up with alot of good friends, talk about topics (music and theatre, for instance) close to our hearts. Am so thankful to have their quirky sense of humor and sharp intellect to keep me sane (and grounded) always. Let's check out the count so far.

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Tue 12th)

This gig sold out the moment tickets were released on the same day. Woah. I was so so close to the stage that I hated water droplets flung all over me, even if they're out of Karen O's mouth. I like Karen O, but saliva is YUCKY. She was totally in element man. So good to see multi-instrumentalist David Pajo touring with YYYs. The last time I saw David Pajo in Singapore was in March 2006 at Esplanade as well when he had a double bill with Darren Hanlon. What a show. Tell me you caught the red Y-shaped confetti and secretly kept 3 Ys. I did.

2. Cat Power (Wed 13th)

Oh, Chan Marshall has no idea how much Singapore loves her. This was a sold-out gig. I was honestly surprised. I don't even know many who listen to Cat Power and all 1600 seats in the Esplanade Concert Hall were all filled. Though she started almost 30 minutes later than the stated 9pm, I'm just glad that her spaced-out behavior didn't happen during this gig. She's a sweetie to come off the stage to hand out fresh flowers to the front rows. I must be such a groupie to keep my stalks of white roses.

3. Patrick Watson (Tue 19th)

This is an absofuckinlutely delightful gig. DELIGHTFUL. I haven't enjoyed a singer-songwriter gig this much since Ben Folds last September. (A rockout arena gig would be Them Crooked Vultures last month.) You gotta be there tonight man, I've no words to describe the gig. Such unbridled joy, pure easy talent. Patrick Watson is fantastic live. His cds don't even capture half of the essence of his live performances. He and the band blew me away with the plethora of musical instruments and the various sounds.

I love how the band did "Where The Wild Things Are" (It's modelled after the book). The tune goes so well with the recently released movie. The movie is an interesting interpretation of my childhood read. However, one needs to watch that movie through a child's eyes and mind, not look at it critically from an adult's sombre and mature concepts. The book has what, 10 lines in it. Obviously Spike Jonze has to be very creative when bringing it to screen. If you watch it like a boring adult, you will go WTF and call it a piece of shit. If your movie diet leans predominantly towards Hollywood blockbusters, TCS5/8 dramas or Hong Kong soaps, don't bother watching this movie- you'll hate it. Whimsical thoughts and preferably a warped sense of humor are needed to 'see' the movie adaptation of 'Where The Wild Things Are'. Do read the book. Or remember how you felt as a child; re-read it now, then compare and contrast. I remember the book and the movie. When I heard 'Where The Wild Things Are' live tonight, I was so thrilled that I bobbed up and down like a teddy bear. Hell, I'm sure my teddy bears will adopt it as their anthem.

4. Andrew Bird (Tue 26th)

Rolling Stone online described him as "a violin virtuoso steeped in early jazz and Celtic folk who announced himself as a top-shelf singer-songwriter". And he is. I know his gig will be mesmerizing. I really really want to watch this. But the date is smack in the middle of a heavy heavy day at the office. Wish me luck that I can get off work in time.

Bands I've watched and can't be bothered to check out again.
Green Day, The Killers, (upcoming) Muse and, (upcoming) Kings of Convenience.


coboypb said...

I've not read "Where the wild things are". After reading what you wrote, I've just reserved the book from the library :)

imp said...

coboypb: hope you get a good edition with pretty illustrations!