Monday, February 08, 2010

Gigs In February

I've been drinking too much beer, even at half pint. The friends keep laughing at my cute tiny glass of Pure Blonde. Hey, don't laugh leh! That's about as much beer as I can stomach before a gig. Otherwise I'd need to keep going for pee breaks. Pure Blonde's smooth lah, so I really don't mind it.

The XX (Sunday 7th)

I was quite psyched for
Florence + The Machine. I don't really know many of the songs. Going up and down KL-Kluang last week allowed plenty of time to check out both bands on the ipod. Additional cool when I realized The XX would also be the first act. It figured- both bands had only one album each. They wouldn't be able to fill 1.5 hours on their own.

XX's sound was reminiscent of the 80s. Sparse and very electronic with lots of backbeats. The guitarwork was plonky filled with single note melody lines. We had the urge to get her a distortion pedal. The sub-bass nearly knocked me off my feet and made my heart skip many beats (not in a good way).

Florence + The Machine (Sunday 7th)

Baroque pop meshed with art rock, Florence blew my mind with her voice. I didn't listen to their albums over a high fidelity sound system. I had them on stock earphones over the ipod. Those didn't do her sounds any justice. Live, she was simply amazing.

Echo & The Bunnymen (Monday 8th)

I wasn't too keen on catching
Echo & The Bunnymen even though they're the grandpapa of post-punk. Our parents grew up rocking out with their music. I didn't exactly take to Echo & The Bunnymen. But I took to those they inspired- Oasis, Interpol, Editors, The Killers, etc.

'Rescue', 'The Cutter' and 'The Killing Moon' brought us on a trip down memory lane. I didn't care for the backlighting and silhouettes tonight. Ian McCulloch kept his sunnies on all evening. Grrrr. Couldn't they just be gracious and show us their wrinkles? DOH! The band and their first album are as old as I am!


Pebbles said...

Completely off-topic! But I love your nail color and how it blends with the rings! Pretty!

JoMel said...

Such gorgeous bling blings! *swoon*.. oh wait, I am supposed to be admiring the nails? :D

kikare said...

Jo: we're supposed to see how tiny her 1/2 pint of beer is! but of course, everyone just sees the bling lah. It's an Imp picture you know. Hehe.

tuti said...

such smooth skin...

imp said...

pebbles: thanks!

kikare + jo: OEHH! look at the 1/2 pint! that's the attraction!

tuti: heee. light reflection!