Sunday, February 07, 2010

Rounding Up The Week

Since I wasn't even sure of my schedule for the next week, the friends decided to hijack me and head to an impromptu meet up at San Low Seafood again. I didn't mind! I love that fried beehoon and fresh fish. They were definitely going to dig in the black pepper crabs!

Importantly, I want to leave Malaysia with better memories. Pangkor Laut Resort helped loads. A yummy seafood dinner with the friends would so complete it.

We ate for 2 whole hours! The friends demolished the black pepper crabs, took a break, ordered another set of chilli crabs and massacred them all. WAHHH. The fried man tou soaked in chilli and black pepper sauce were literally finger-licking good. I didn't take the crabs, but I did my share with the huge pieces of crayfish that were sinfully fried in butter!

Plastic chairs were trotted out, but hey, this is just a modest zi char place in Johor Bahru with minimal bells and whistles. I too, know very well that it isn't about the venue sometimes. It's also about the food, always. So long it's good food! What I thoroughly enjoyed, were the company of my dear friends and the laughter that rocked the evening.


kikare said...

have you tried dipping the man tou into condensed milk? it's nice!

tuti said...

plastic chairs, ruckus laughter and good food go so well together.
yumseng!! ok, not to that extent. :D

imp said...

kikare: EIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! I no like condensed milk!

tuti: quite chill! flipflops cool!

Frou said...

Alamak... I grew up eating at San Low. It's my childhood dinner place when the mother cannot be bothered to cook. Most happening bee hoon in Jay Bee!

imp said...

frou: it's one of our friends' childhood place too! that's how we come to eat here. i love that beehoon man. it's bloody addictive.