Friday, February 05, 2010

Lunch Trays!

I'm most intrigued by these food trays. I've never seen them before! Those small ones that contained Chinese New Year snacks ain't counted. These are big and I see them being used at mealtimes this week. Practical really. They rotate smoothly and we could all get food without fuss.

Instead of a Lazy Susan and food placed on the usual separate plates, portions of food for 10 are gathered onto one single giant tray per table. Wherever we went for casual lunches hosted by our counterparts, these trays stood out prominently. We were served traditional Malay food with all its spices and colors. Quite interesting really. Chicken always featured as the ONLY meat. *shudder* For me, curry, vegetables and a little bit of crunchy Malaysian rice were sufficient for a meal.

Do we use these trays in Singapore? Which malls sell them? And yes, I expect one of the answers to be 'Mustafa'. :)


tuti said...

when on travels, it's nice to have a mixture of tasty food, eg. spicy, etc. because sometimes can lose appetite for food. but must keep up for strength. wonder if i am making sense, lol. it's 3.10 am after all.

Dawn said...

Mustafa sells everrrything.

Missy P said...

I'm more interested on the food inside them :p

imp said...

tuti: i ate a fair bit of carbs! all the perspiration can make one feel faint!

dawn: you're a loyalist!

missyP: traditional Malay food. Quite interesting with gravy/sauces.