Friday, February 05, 2010

A Different Sight

On a blazing hot day, we made a brief stop at Puteri Harbor in Nusajaya. The sky was blue and the clouds were fluffy. The shimmering waters and panorama were a soothing sight. Over the yonder, lies Singapore's Kranji restricted military zone.

We were glad to get out of the meeting rooms for a walkabout. The one thing we sighed and marveled over was the vast expanse of land available for the various developments across the Causeway. It's mind-boggling as to how much available space there is to create tangible architecture out of blueprints.

With the Oakleys and Raybans matching our corporate chic suits, we kept it kinda cool under the sweltering heat. Truly we wilt without air-conditioning. Headaches, sore throats, sniffles, etc. If there was one thing we couldn't understand, it was the requirement to be in a suit (and tie) all the way. I suppose it's the one cultural quirk we've to understand and accept.


tuti said...

too hot too hot, to be in a suit. but ya, corporate requirement, boh pian.

imp said...

tuti: ugh, indeed.