Thursday, February 04, 2010

One Night Of Love

On the work front, it was a huge joke to be placed at KLCC for the afternoon on a workday. Not that we really cared. We were like 'whatever' and split up to do our own stuff.

I wasn't going to farking hit the shops. Like there weren't enough malls in Singapore. I had a quick foot rub before heading off to meet the friends for tea. That was the highlight of the day. The only cheerful thing in the week! I wasn't sure if the boys and girls could make it because I gave them such short notice. But they managed to turn up! *loves*

When I sank down into the armchair at hotel lounge, I was like, my gawwd, I've almost forgotten how that felt like. What a luxury. Clean chairs and a pot of hot tea in clean utensils. Oh, to be pampered by the girlfriends!

Even though I have to crawl into bed early (5am wake-up call tomorrow!), a stroll to Laundry is on the cards. It's a Thursday night yo. Die die must go. Not leaving KL without checking it out.

So damn glad that tonight, I don't have to stay in a crappy room. Tonight, I get a thick quilt (as opposed to the room's cheap budget brown piece of fluff with holes), clean air-conditioning, a dry bathroom with a rainshower that promises warmth and happiness (as opposed to the teeny stream of water from the shower in the hostel that could only be described as pathetic. I might as well shower from a tap) and most of all, a peace of mind.


tuti said...

good nite, imp!
looks like you'll have a good sleep tonight. :)

imp said...

tuti: i certainly had a good sleep! i overslept!