Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Ate The Most At This Meal

Our hosts brought us out to the charming Tell Restaurant which is set within an expansive colonial house.

The impressive menu had pasta, pizza, pork knuckles, steaks, beef goulash, etc. I was rather tempted to just order a raclette for dinner. But it might raise an eyebrow. So I stuck to a salad for the appetizer and a main of fish.

Oh my, that humongous portion of salad contained such fresh vegetables. Crispy and refreshing, it was such a good starter that it literally became my main. I was rather happy when my (fish) main was delayed. I secretly hoped that they had forgotten about it. I was really rather full. So when the main came, only the well-grilled fish got eaten. The rest was sadly, left untouched.

As western as the dishes are, there is a distinct flavor in the food that spoke its heritage as part of the French Indo-China. I'm not sure if it's due to the local spices or ingredients, but it's quite unique. I wouldn't call it authentic, but it isn't bad either. It's just, very interesting.

So what was new about this meal? Nothing, except that it was one rare time I wanted dessert. I've heard about its apple strudel (not just from online sources, but from the friends!) and I really wanted to try it. But I was too stuffed. Gaah. The short walk back to the hotel (even after taking a detour) wasn't long enough to digest anything.


tuti said...

when you take pics of the food, your hosts/company got laugh or not? :P

imp said...

tuti: ahahha. NOPE. prob coz they're used to everyone else doing it. plus i took only these 3 photos very quietly, quickly n without flash.

kikare said...

that salad looks really big for an appetizer. No wonder you became full, given the egg that tuna?

JoMel said...

omg! I love raclette!!

it's ok dearie. You have earned the right to stuff yourself with glorious food. :)

imp said...

kikare: yup! tuna! canned.

jomel: i wanted the stinky yummy raclette!