Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another Big Building

Phnom Penh is changing at a faster pace than I'd have liked. Pieces of its charm are already being chipped away. Soon, it'll become unbearable like Ho Chi Minh city with its crazy motorcyclists and pollution.

On your way from the airport to the city centre, you'll pass by the mega building of the Council of Ministers at the Russian Federation Boulevard. Slightly further down, there is another new giant building under construction, near completion. It's meant to house the Prime Minister's Office, as well as a new international convention centre to be equipped with state of the art facilities and technology. It's also ummm...financed by China. The building is meant to be completed by end of 2011.

There're more skyscrapers planned. Lots of tall hotels and residential flats are being built. Terms like 'skyscraper city' are being thrown around. Shopping malls have invaded the city and might just edge out all the markets and indie shops. Economic development, of course is essential to the city and country. But for tourists who don't just want to see the city's sights and shopping, it's a little bit of a loss. It's strange how I feel nostalgic about Phnom Penh even before it changes irrevocably.


tuti said...

modernization has its price.
nice to see the places that you are at. stay safe, sleep well.

imp said...

tuti: always a price, indeed. am sleeping well and keeping safe. thanks!

sinlady said...

u must consciously appreciate and store the memory of the place now. this is exactly how i feel about beijing in the 80s, 90s, 00s and today. i still miss the old beijing, but certainly would not have wanted it to stay fossilised.

imp said...

sinlady: i will, i am.