Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lunch, Local Style

The boss needed lunch. So we strolled around looking for some mid day chow. I supposed we could head to one of those free wi-fi cafes nearby. But since I wasn't the hungry one, I left it to him to choose his lunch.

We steered clear of the desserts which looked like tau suan and the sorts because when we were contemplating whether our stomachs could survive them, we saw the stallholder dip her fingers into the big bowls of desserts to clear it of a bug before scooping up a bowl for the customers. An additional scoop of coconut milk was added to most desserts. We weren't sure how well coconut milk would do in the heat.

Then we walked to this particular stall that sold a kind of one-dish meal. It looked like either chicken or pork with rice and some raw vegetables at the side. It didn't look bad. The stall had clean counters and plastic stools.

I think I even impressed myself. I plonked down by one of those stalls in the Russian Market for lunch. Lunch was a USD1.20 plate of ummm....the Cambodian version of char siew rice with an egg, along with a cup of cold tea. I know I know- it's not my usual makan place or food. Neither was I particularly hungry. But hey, I gotta at least try what the locals eat right? It wasn't too bad really. Even though the 'char siew' was quite hard and chewy, it was rather tasty. If I'm not on this diet, I think I could eat it all up. I loved the chilli padi. But I wouldn't eat the entire plate. Too much food, anyway. Needless to say, I transferred most my meat and rice to the boss who surprisingly, didn't mind the food and the not too clean environment. I'm quite proud of him. He's a rather seasoned traveller who isn't too fussy so long he gets nice steamed white rice every now and then.

A silly fly landed right atop the straw of my iced tea. I glared at it. It was damn hot lor. I really wanted a sip of the cold drink. So I swatted the fly away, removed the straw and drank from the glass. My stomach could most certainly live with this level of hygiene. No problem.


Dawn said...

When we were in Siem Reap a few years ago, we ate at a roadside stall. I saw something crawling in my rice and Simian told me not to worry - they were just larvae. Strangely enough, I didn't get sick from eating there - I did later on get food poisoning from the Raffles!

yAnn said...

Oh I miss Cambodia!
We used to eat at the roadside stalls in Siem Reap, it was so tasty but we all had food poisoning when we got back.

And the fruit shakes were marvellous in quenching the thirst.

Little Miss Snooze said...

I hope to go cambodia this year, for mission trip again...though not quite sure Im steady enough to eat at these stalls! :)

Good on ya!

imp said...

dawn: woah! your stomach is GOOD. especially if it's JUST larvae. *eeeps* It's unbelievable how Raffles can give u bad food for the 'cutthroat' prices (by Cambodian standards) they charge.

yann: I've fond memories of backpacking in Siem Reap. I ate things that i'd never dare to do today!

lms: hope you get to go soon!

tuti said...

hot steaming rice is comfort food. :)
glad you get to eat 'safe' food still. :)

imp said...

tuti: i think so! but me no like rice. hehe. i dunno whether the food's safe in that sense. but i haven't reacted to it!

Dawn said...

I think the problem was the food was outside on a terrace - and there were bugs everywhere!

imp said...

dawn: EIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. i is super spoilt. i won't dine al fresco in SEA. Super hot + mozzies + bugs.