Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Doing These Things

(From Harold's Planet. Click above for larger image.)

The girlfriend rolled her eyes at me when she realized I skipped yet another training session. She sent me a comic strip that just about summed it up. Bleah. What promised to be a fun training session today turned out not so fun afterall when I realized that we were supposed to draw with more than markers. Pastels and chalk were involved as well.

Now, why didn't someone mention that these materials were to be used right at the start? Isn't that a factor for consideration, like asking about dietary preferences in an invitation to dinner? Nowhere in the earlier email notification mentioned that. If they had, I'd have pulled out immediately instead of walking out of class, again. My eyes and nose don't like those things. I don't mind drawing, but not when it's to be done in an enclosed room with poor air circulation and air-conditioning locked at 25 degrees celcius with 25 other humans who don't like it colder. The dust will stay in the stuffy room because no one bothers to open the windows to air it out. I'm very mau-mau like that.

Back at my desk, there was an email from HR exhorting all to submit forms which declared our yearly participation in various agency activities and charity contributions. The annual form calculates points and if we hit above a certain number of points, it would give us a token S$100 or something as a 'reward' for our contributions.

That form, goes against all my beliefs of keeping charity work and involvement quiet and under the radar. While it might be an incentive to others, it isn't so to me. I've already submitted a list of 'official' activities in my appraisal form earlier. I don't see why I should do this again. What bullshit. I'm not submitting any damn form.

Clearly, I'm in a belligerent mood today.


tuti said...

doing what defines you is the best.

ame said...


imp said...

tuti: totally.

ame: well. :p

corsage said...


class sounds fun to ME though!

imp said...

corsage: it is fun! quite lovely drawings done up by the participants!