Monday, March 15, 2010

A Card & A Token

Continuing the streak of belligerence today, I've concluded it just before midnight by sending a rather polite but vexed email to IT. This email should get something going.

I've this thing called VPN remote access, which simply means an avenue to access work emails (not via webmail) on the work laptop away from the office. When I ported over to a new platform, IT forgot to issue me with the bank-like token (without the on/off key) for my VPN access. They configured my access to be via card instead. For a long while now, I've been accessing it with a card containing a chip. It's been working fine. Beautifully even. It performed well in Cambodia.

So I told IT not to bother with the token. I'm getting seriously tired of chasing IT around to sort out dates, dance around both our schedules, as well as having had the bad experience of waiting all day for a promised set-up timing which never happened. Like a good drone, I waited till 6pm that day before realizing that no one was going to come fix me a token.

Whatever. They're busy too right? So I told them not to bother. They gave me a reply that was so ROTFLamusing. They told me that the token had been assigned to me and they had to deliver it. So I gave them another set of dates/time to fix it up. Bloody hell- nobody replied me.

I got fed-up. There is no friggin difference to me if I access VPN via a card or a token. All I care about is that I can access my emails and all. I've no other major issues. I don't see a big deal in continuing with the status quo of VPN via card access. Why is it my problem that IT forgot that my access should be via a token and not a card? If things are working perfectly fine, why should I have to follow the rules and get reshuffled all over again? All it takes is a simple order to rescind the allocation of my token and reverse the charges billed to my department.

Talk about being bureaucratic.


tuti said...

strange when an employee has to go through hoops to be efficient. too bad you're conscientious about your work. :P

lilsnooze said...

groan, I want access via card too!

imp said...

tuti: sigh.

lilsnooze: can u request for that?