Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gigs In March

Haven't managed to catch a lot acts at Mosaic. I missed 2 acts that I really wouldn't mind- Melody Gardot, as well as the Soulbop Special Edition of Randy Brecker and Bill Evans along with Steve Lukather, Robben Ford, Darryl Jones, Rodney Holmes and Steve Weingart. When 65daysofstatic cancelled their show, there wasn't a need to rush home from Phnom Penh anymore.

Au Revoir Simone (Sunday 14th)

It was like watching an awkward high school recital. They were clearly nervous and missed many many beats. I wasn't about to forgive that just because they're cute. Man, these girls look good but can't play live. What a pity. They sounded so much better on the cd. There're certainly more talented songwriters and keyboardists out there. I...we didn't care about their encore. What a waste of my 1.5 hours.

Dinosaur Jr (Tuesday 16th)

I giggled. Isn't more like Dinosaur Sr now?? Oh whatever. Since the man is this huge huge fan, we all trooped along for the show. And man, we got our eardrums blown out. We should have expected him to pick front row seat. Then there was all that prostration in front of the stage. We were so so close. Thank gawwd for earplugs.

We had this urge to ask J Mascis tie up the shoelaces on his purple Adidas. But he did it before we said anything. We ogled at
his pedalboard and whatever else on stage. It felt kinda cool that these guys dressed down, like a regular jam session, ya know. We were too chicken to remove the earplugs even at the last encore cover of The Cure's 'Just Like Heaven'.

The man was like this hyperactive excited overgrown kid all day. Shall cut him some slack. He has waited for 19 years for this gig to happen in Singapore. :)

Think Lou Barlow will come back with Sebadoh for a stint?

The Go! Team (Wednesday 17th)

Honestly, I've no idea what they're about. Got pulled along by the friends to 'dance'. When the band took the stage and showed off some energetic beats of indie disco-funk-punk that reverberated through the studio, the crowd jumped. They continued jumping. Nice. The band really knew how to work the crowd to get the whole vibe going. Very fun. It was a good party.


There're also plenty of Singapore bands playing at Esplanade's venues. Music filled. Awesome. Now that Kings Of Convenience know they've a market in Singapore, they've sold out both nights of their gigs. I like them, but not that much. Outside of Mosaic, there's Placebo which the boys are hot about. So I gave up my ticket. I'm not into Placebo or Brian Molko.

A good month this March has been. :)


kikare said...

When my nerd friend B visited Europe last summer, he checked for gigs and found out about Pearl Jam's concert in London. Paid a lot for 2 tickets. Then he found out about Dinosaur Jr's gig in Cambridge - only 10 pounds! So of course he went to that too.

I'm not so sure I'd go to gigs like that anymore. Feels like a grandma already.

I saw KoC last September. It was nice but I was not blown away.
Die die want to see Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan and B&S though.

JoMel said...

I feel like a great-grandma. Haven't even heard of them! :D

imp said...

kikare: his gig here cost S$88. DOH. But yea, so fun! I want B & S to come to SGP!!!

jomel: aiyah, if you're not into indie music, you wouldn't have heard of them!

kikare said...

B&S's update on fb
Just announced, we'll be playing on Friday 30th July. Tickets go on sale on 23rd March.

Is Korea too far away?

imp said...

kikare: Korea near enough. But I might not make the date. :(