Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Would You Queue Up?

The man, half in denial that he's a groupie of Dinosaur Jr and by way of explaining why he didn't queue up to get the band's signature on the cd sleeves, wrote,

"Frankly I hate queuing and I've never really thought that a signed sleeve means anything. Short of having a drink at a bar and a conversation with the artiste in question, I don't think there's much of a level of human connection in the 2 mins you have to get all your stuff signed after waiting in line for an hour or something. I'm just happy to ... see more, hear the music, relive the memories and have a great time...don't wanna ruin that by trying to have a conversation with or pay a compliment to a lackadaisical long-white-haired dude who barely speaks in half-sentences :)"

Ha. Indeed. J Mascis didn't even bother looking at the crowd. The blinking lights on his pedalboard were infinitely more interesting than the dumb sentences the crowd yelled out. What cracked me up was the following comment to the man's statement:

She-who-shall-remain-unnamed: On the other hand, you'd line up to talk to Neil Gaiman :)

The man: Ah, Neil crafts entire universes in vivid detail. So in a way, he's a god. You'd line up to talk to God wouldn't you? ;p

She-who-shall-remain-unnamed hasn't replied to the thread. But haha, the only person I queued up to get cd sleeves signed is Amanda Palmer and by proxy, Neil Gaiman. The power couple don't just sign. They talk, they communicate, they interact. They're awesome. The other person might possibly be John Mayer, but we'll see.


JoMel said...

John Mayer?! Hee.....

imp said...

jomel: *sticks tongue out big time* so jealous that the friends caught the launch of Battle Studies in NYC.