Sunday, March 28, 2010

That's It For Dive Trips

After a quick session at the pulmonologist, I didn't feel like heading back to be all cooped up in the office. So I wandered down the road to Tanglin Mall to run some errands. I picked up some basic tees and pants from British India, stocked up on some stuff at Brown Rice Paradise.

I was all ready for some food when I saw Wallaroo hats hanging off the racks. Since I wouldn't be diving much from now on and would have to stick my ass to the boat or the beach, a hat would be a very good accessory for island holidays. So I bought 2. These must be my saddest purchases ever. It meant I was no longer in denial.

Then I wandered into Hediard for lunch. The tart glass of orange juice lifted the spirits. It was a bright sunny day. I've had wonderful vacations spent diving in the islands of Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, Maldives, Seychelles and Montego Bay. It's been 15 years of constant peeking into the mysterious and rich marine life in the seas and oceans.

I've been good all of 2009 and obeyed the doctor's advice. It's not that sad that I can't really dive anymore. I kinda still can, but only leisurely and at a most uninteresting depth. These aren't the dives I want to do. :( Knowing how obstinate and insistent I am about the sort of dives I want to do, and the risks I would take, the pulmonologist has refused me the medical clearance and peace of mind I've demanded.

I've always held out hope that it's a hiatus and I can get back to doing what I love. But my lungs can't withstand what I do. So I guess, the compromise is to hold on to, 15 good years of memories and stories, and perhaps in another 2 years or so, I might be able to make just a few more.


tuti said...

hope somehow one day, you'll get all well and get the clearance.
just read about your teeth issue. eeeeek.

jazzgal said...

take it in the right spirit. it's been a good run. we're still here eh!

Anonymous said...

the underwater world is what i'm more scared of. u r really brave. hope u get well enough soon to do what u r passionate about.
oh, how i miss tanglin mall! my usual haunts, brown rice paradise and british india! they hv such soft comfortable cotton basics.

Dawn said...

Like you said, let your body recover a little longer and maybe you'll be back to doing it. Better than pushing it and never have the possibility again.

imp said...

tuti: teeth issue is EEEKY! i haven't garnered the courage to extract the teeth.

jazzgal: :D

d: like how i hate swimming in the open sea. i no like that! it's scary!!! tanglin mall is still a chill hangout!

dawn: body's taking a loooooong time to recover. BLEAH.

kachunknorge said...

I so hear ya about loooooong recovery times...

imp said...

kachunknorge: i feel ya on that too.