Sunday, April 18, 2010

At Seminyak

We went to a quiet pocket on the beach at Seminyak.

The girlfriend wanted to learn to surf. The waves were big that morning. I watched her fall a couple of times. The surfboard ripped off her big toenail. But she didn't skip a beat. The toe got taped up and she hopped right back into the surf. I didn't expect less of her. She's such a gutsy one. Determination was splattered all across her facial expressions and body language.

Then she found her balance and crested wave after wave. Her face beamed with unbridled joy. I had to stand up to give her the V sign. It was beautiful to watch. I silently wished I had brought lens for the GrD or a SLR to capture those awesome moments. She's definitely hooked and coming back to surf.

I, on the other hand, didn't feel like surfing. I was happy to run on the sand, did one cartwheel and posed by the surfboard. The sunshine was glorious, the type where you'd need sunblock and still get tanned in 30 minutes. I had books and magazines to read. But I didn't get through half of them. I spent hours lying on the deck chair soaking in the sea breeze and the thunderous crash of the surf, watching the tide turn high and come straight up. I did nothing. Except to get up and go plunge in the sea when I wanted to pee. Heeeeeee.

What a perfect day.


tuti said...

haha, no wonder the sea salty. :P
didn't expect that last line, burst out laughing.

suntaneye said...

Haha, like tuti I too didn't expect the last line! :) The weather looks great, did you get sunburnt even with the sunblock?

Little Miss Snooze said...

Nice! been inspired to see if can squeeze out time for a getaway before Bali in Jul...


Pebbles said...

Ouch! Your poor gf!

yAnn said...

Hahaha too naughty! No peeing into sea.

Glad you are having a nice break. :)

JoMel said...

hands up how many of us have peed in the see!

*both hands up!* Hee!! :D

That pic of you posing by the surfboard - so old school leh. Very cute! :)

imp said...

tuti: ha.

suntaneye: just a little tanned. not sunburnt!

lms: hope you can do one soon. :( really cannot?

yann + jomel: hehehehe. peeing in the sea is different from peeing in a swimming pool!