Sunday, April 18, 2010


On blind faith alone in The Frou, I took a 1hr 20min drive from Ubud to Seminyak to Metis for a 3-hour dinner.

I'm in love with the bambu lobster ravioli with Japanese seaweed and white truffle beurre blanc. Not just because anything butter is good okay. The kitchen knows how to do their food. I'm not too confident about their meats. But Metis does great pastas and seafood. We were more than satiated.

A gentle reminder that prices at Metis are pegged to Singapore restaurants. Drinks are good- well mixed and they currently specify that Patron Silver is the pick for the tequila in their one and only margarita on the menu. I balked a little at the prices of drinks though. S$25 for a shot of either Ardbeg 10 y.o and Highland Park 12 y.o? And S$40 for a single shot of Glenlivet 18 y.o! It's pricier than whisky bars in London! Ah well. The price of comfort. I caved in and ordered glasses of the Highland Park 12 y.o on the rocks.

Oh, this time of the year, not so romantic. They've kinda harvested patches of rice and burnt some parts. :p Still, it's a lovely, big, feel-like-you're-kertuked touristy al fresco joint with very decent food. I like its laidback casual chic vibe. Very chill. Hmmm....let's just say that it's nothing that can be replicated at home in Dempsey Hill or Portsdown, or wherever a new spot might be. I didn't have time to check out Sardine which is just across the road. It's intriguing. Since the intention of this trip isn't about food, I haven't made time or effort to think about where I want to eat. Minimal fuss. I'll do that on my next visit to Bali.


allie said...

Looks so tranquil...

Dawn said...

anything with butter is good :)

Frou said...

Hahaha.. I'm so with you about feeling "ketuk-ed" :P I resorted to drinking local wine when I was there because I couldn't bring myself to pay their "imported" prices. Still, it's really great service & ambience, rite? Glad you tried it!

imp said...

allie: very much so! bali is very crowded. but you can still find the quiet spots.

dawn: ha! you'll say that!

frou: service was excellent. but hey, their local Hatten wine isn't bad at all. easy table wine. so glad i managed to remember that one piece of info about food in bali when i don't know any others!