Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lunch By The Sea

It's been gloriously hot with light showers in the late afternoons and evenings that don't last longer than 30minutes. Bright and blazing in the day, the best thing to do is really to strip down and hang out on the beach with books, magazines and the ipod. Hidden under the umbrella, I was mostly in the shade and didn't even need sunblock. Ha.

The only thing was the dude playing the angklung in the corner. Oh man, just when I was about to get up to tip him and politely request for him NOT to play anything, he left for a new spot at the other side of the beach. Yes, I know he's trying to make a living, but it doesn't mean that I want to suffer through bad playing. I'm not even sure he's musically inclined. He was just hitting the angklung for the sake of making 'music' that is just grating. No sense of rhythm, timing or togetherness. I wanted to scream. The girlfriend is rather bemused that I can tune out (pun intended) shrieking children, but not this.

Chilling out on a Bali beach has never been so fancy with the sparkling rose wine from the local winery- Hatten Wines. Quite refreshing I thought. A good choice over beer or whisky, which might give me a headache in the sun. Of course there's water too. Plenty of chilled bottles to hydrate ourselves with, along with trays of cold towels. We've been very pampered.

The hotel took care to cater light lunches for us. Easy healthy food is the best. Better still if they're not oily. The most important reason- light lunches don't make my tummy fall out and look eeky. Heeeeee. So that day, I loved the bread with tomato relish, quiche of mushroom and asparagus, and squares of cut fruit. The flies were a little annoying though. Thankfully, they disappeared when the food was gone. Peace reigned. I very much prefer the dragonflies that were rather plentiful that afternoon.


tuti said...

dragonflies very big. if they land on me i'll scream. hah.
and your tummy won't fall out when you have a heavy meal lah. cheh. i spotted abs muscles in the other pic.

imp said...

tuti: HEEEEE.