Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sleeping Well

We backed out of vigorous treks and climbs on this trip, promising ourselves that it'll be a totally relaxing sort of holiday. The sort where we really laze around and not care about the time.

The most luxurious thing of all- a good hard bed with pillows to facilitate deep sleep. We're sharing bed big enough for 3. It helps that when she sleeps, she's quiet as a mouse. Apparently, I haven't kicked her yet, so she says. Well, I haven't had dreams, at least nothing that I can remember. If I'm not dreaming, I won't move very much in my sleep. That probably explains the lack of physical reactions in the night.

It's quite amazing that we aren't too grouchy in the morning. The girlfriend and I have made it for only one breakfast so far. Even then, it wasn't planned. It was more of a oh-we-still-have-time-before-the-footreflexologysession thing.

It's amazing what 9-hour sleeps can do for your body and the complexion. Add the sea air, loads of blue and the sound of the surf to totally soothe the soul. I feel alive. The skin is glowing just that little bit. By today, I don't even mind going without make-up. The dark circles have magically lightened. I've almost forgotten that that is possible.


tuti said...

my doc once told me he didn't know he needed a holiday that much till he went away. i guess you'd understand that.
i don't know if i will break into pieces when i finally get a break, lol.

imp said...

tuti: true. sometimes you need a break to know you're mentally and physically tired. can you tear yourself away for a short one?