Friday, April 16, 2010

Out At Sea

I didn't dive!!! Otherwise I'd have gone to Nusa Lembongan and Penida. But I still wanted to be in east Bali for a little while, away from the madness of the south. East Bali is very quiet. Secluded. If you're not diving and don't plan to hang out by the beach all day, you'd be quite mad to pick this as a spot to stay in Bali.

We hung around the quiet Amuk Bay and Padangbai area for snorkeling. Nothing beats the feeling of waking up early in the morning and heading out to sea. I wore a silly grin on my face. Yes, I'm very disappointed that I can't dive. But I'm just as thrilled to be in the water with the snorkel mask. Hey, it's good exercise fighting the currents to go in the direction I want and plunging down to check out the nooks and crannies, as well as get closer to the fish.

Too short a time for snorkeling! I wanted to stay another hour! I just relished the feeling of being in the environment that I love most. The waters aren't crystal clear, but contains plenty of brightly-colored fish and corals. Still, the perimeter of dead corals is extending further, quite obviously so since the last time I was here. It's sad.


tuti said...

everyone distracted by the post below.. haha. :P
sad that you can't dive this round, but glad you also enjoy snorkeling.
enjoy your break, imp! :)

JoMel said...

Ya Tuti.. Like you were not. ;P

imp said...

tuti + jomel: you 2 are naughty!