Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Getaway Is Good

This trip, the reasonably-priced resorts provided me solitude and seclusion from most modern distractions. I didn't require the rooms to be luxurious, neither do they need to be like rooms in high-rise hotels. It needed to be decent, clean and rustic so that a short holiday could make me feel like I'm really away from the city. (Well, no, I don't want to pitch a tent!)

Generally, I'm not confident of third-party online booking sites for hotels. I prefer to deal direct. That gives me leverage and bargaining power. So sometimes, paying more translates into better deals. This round, if I may say so myself, I negotiated a rather agreeable deal. :p Importantly, the resorts indulged in all my whims and fancies.

Obviously, the one thing that I can't do without is speedy internet access. I thank the internet gods for granting me free and stable wifi throughout the trip so that I could leisurely surf through whatever and any site. Although the open wifi resulted in sharing options, so the security settings on the Macbook flatly rejected to sign me into a couple of websites, like Singapore Airlines. Grrrr. Oh well. I wasn't going to change any flight timings, so I wasn't too ruffled. I resolutely left the work laptop at home on this getaway. There's absolutely no need to dot these restful days with work matters. I'm prepared for the avalanche of work upon return.

I impressed the socks off myself because I didn't even log in to Skype to chat with the man. I just left him text messages once in a while as per my normal habits on work trips. I relished the quiet and shared laughter with the girlfriend too much to babysit him. Anyway, the man isn't needy. He's been gainfully occupied with plenty of distractions and the company of loads of friends.


tuti said...

you do sound like you really need this break. and a perfect place amidst the forest (ok, trees) to do just that!
good that you didn't bring the work laptop. or else defeat the purpose.

imp said...

tuti: i need it this getaway not so much as a respite from work, but more of to check myself and learn not to be so upset about not being able to dive. And of course, to spend some time with the girlfriend.

tuti said...

ah. the diving bit.
it's hard on you. *blogger's hug*
i can understand. though i don't dive obviously. say if i am told i cannot play the piano anymore, i will be very sad too. strange comparison. but ya.
have you heard me play? i pasted a piece some time back. :)

Dawn said...

He may not be needy but he missed you all the same :)

tuti said...

may i jut in.
who won't miss the imp!
i miss her even here when she doesn't blog.

imp said...

tuti: yes! i've heard your playing! i re-played that video a number of times!

dawn + tuti: silly girls both. so funny lah.

Anonymous said...

it's sounds like a great short getaway! being swarmed with work this month, i wish i could go on one.

imp said...

d: plan one soon!