Friday, May 21, 2010

At Ah Orh

We were taken out to this air-conditioned zi char kopitiam tucked away deep in the heartlands of Bukit Merah. Very intriguing. We hadn't been to such fun places lately. We were told that Ah Orh Seafood Restaurant had been around for some time and was a popular eatery for casual family dinners.

We broke out the Laphroaig Triple Wood for the table to try. It was kinda odd, yes. I was very tickled by the plastic ice bucket. But we had good food and the company of single malt lovers. There was no better time to taste this new expression. It was peaty, but not as strong as the quarter cask. I'm not a fan of Laphroaig. But this expression is rather lovable. It'd be a good introduction to the distillery for sure. Importantly, and not surprisingly, it went very well with the food. I think I'm getting the knack of matching single malts to the various foods.

There was a juicy yummy oyster omelette that was eaten up really fast. I had what I wanted- stir-fry bean sprouts with salted fish. Those went well with a spoonful of rice. Knowing that I don't eat much crab, the friends ordered a plate of crayfish for me! Yay. The crayfish wasn't too dry. I polished off a good half of the plate. Heheehhe.


allie said...

The orh nee is very very good! I hope you enjoyed Ah Orh. :)

sinlady said...

orh nee and oyster omelette! my faves at zi char joints :)

imp said...

allie: it was good!

sinlady: the very 2 dishes that define if a zi char place is good!