Sunday, May 30, 2010

At The Spa

I admit it, my muscles are aching!!! With its long smooth strokes and deep pressure, a Balinese massage has never felt so good. It's so light, yet its effects are far reaching and deeply felt the next day. Coupled with all the physical exertions, I'm now nicely aching all over. Muscles that have been long forgotten and are now awakened. I feel, alive.

Oh, I couldn't resist doing a facial too. I haven't been too strict with the cleaning routine at night. I simply use wipes. While I've been zealous about plying sunblock on the face, I seem to have largely ignored moisturizing it at night.

The skin has been sunkissed, but not sunburnt. The man, however, has grossly underestimated the Bali sun and got quite burnt. A salvage attempt at the spa saw him do a body wrap of cucumber and aloe vera. His skin has risen up in little bubbles that are going to peel and itch very soon. Heh. He went jogging on the sand, did push-ups in the sun, swam laps in the main pool and basically stayed in the sun. This will be the moment to rub it in 'I told you so!'

I could head to the spas in Singapore as well. There isn't much difference in the prices. The products used might just be a little more interesting and varied. The only pull factor- I've the time and the indulgence to do so here. To more spa sessions in Bali then. They're absolutely lovely.


Dawn said...

Tell him to please use sunblock! And reapply!

imp said...

dawn: he did, but despite re-applying, it still wasn't enough to avoid sunburn because he spent HOURS in the sun. silly thing.

tuti said...

gonna come back so sunkissed!

Dawn said...

He did use a 50 or more right? Poor thing is going to be in a world of pain.

imp said...

tuti: a little.

dawn: just 50. haven't i read somewhere that a max of 50 will do and anything more won't be effective?

Dawn said...

Probably - 50 should do it anyway. Make him reapply every two hours religiously!